About us

Our company

Retailers and Manufacturers of fashion wear, sports wear and sports goods. We specialise in luxury and trendy clothes and make sure our quality is the best.

Our Company goal is to make sure that our products are on top of the line and we provide the best service and products as a manufacturer. Khaki Superiors is not just another company that is trying to sell. We are trying to tell everyone that staying up to date with the trend does not have to be expensive, you just have to make sure you know what you are buying and knowing that it will last you longer than your other designer brands. 

Our team

Our team consists of Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Designers, Warehouse workers and manufacturing departments. 

Khaki Superior will make sure that your products are kept with care and they will be hand wrapped, making sure the products are not intact with anything. Our packaging department is very talented and experienced they always make sure that they provide the best of their ability. 


" Khaki Superiors are the best and i repeat they are the best in their field, such quality product and such friendly staff, one thing is for sure we will be working for a very long time together!"
" I enjoy their products and their customer service, everything is on point. From their quality to their service, Khaki Superiors is on point."